business is an adventure


risk is always in season

as an executive you must
paddle the rapids — navigate unforeseen obstacles — avoid the bears

The Moment of Decision

Undoubtedly the most creative event in an executive's career...and the riskiest.

You've been there, and you know it's no easy task making important decisions when you face complex systems, multiple decision options, numerous uncertainties, and misaligned objectives.

What prevents you from committing to a decision with confidence? Do you fear that you're not addressing the right opportunities? Do you worry about the cost of reworking a solution or that you know the most important sources of risk? Everyone faces these issues, so you need an edge.

Our analytics show you how achieve the clarity and confidence you need at the moment of decision. We provide the analytic processes and tools to find the edge and prove the value of executive decisions.

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Our Services

Strategic Project Evaluation

Executives face certain perennial obstacles selecting the right initiatives to achieve important business objectives. What are they, and how can you overcome them? Read more

Operational Support Tools & Data Analytics

When making important operational decisions, if you do not measure the risks you face, you will not manage them, leaving you exposed. Do you have the right risk measurement and data analytics tools to do the job? Read more

Learning & Development

Empower your employees to use executive thinking to make high-quality decisions. Through decision quality training, lunch-n-learns, and ebooks we introduce the principles of quality decision making in your management teams. Read more

Incite!Sales Portfolio Analysis App

Frustrated by inaccurate sales forecasts? Wasting resources chasing the wrong opportunities? Our sales opportunity portfolio analysis app helps you alleviate the pain. Read more

Strategic initiatives with these decision-quality characteristics increase the likelihood of your success

Aligns with Organizational Goals

The decision being made is appropriate in scope and perspective and serves to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Evaluates Opportunity Costs

Thoroughly compares several real alternatives to understand what each gives up to obtain the benefits of the others and prioritizes them; does not merely justify a predetermined decision.

Uses Best Available Information

Incorporates credible, honest information from appropriate experts, recognizing their degree of confidence and uncertainty; uses high quality data with verifiable pedigree.
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Rewards Balanced to Risks

Solutions present an appropriate balance of cost versus benefit, risk versus return; Probabilities of success and failure are aligned with their likely causes, addressed with appropriate contingencies.

Challenges the Status Quo

Logical Analysis that is comprehensive, insightful, and focuses on critical questions about implicit assumptions.

Committed to Action

Organization has “buy-in” and is committed to implementing the final recommendation.

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