About Incite!

Incite! Decision Technologies, LLC, is a project and portfolio risk analysis consulting firm. We excel at helping our clients identify, measure, and manage the risk they face when adopting strategic initiatives, selecting projects, allocating capital, and managing program and project portfolios. Through our advanced problem framing approach, risk analysis process, and modeling systems, we help you achieve the insight you need to decide wisely about what to do when making informed critical choices.

Our experience spans diverse industrial and commercial fields including energy, utilities, logistics & transportation, pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, telecommunications, IT, and commercial real estate. Our skills include …

  • Strategic planning & forecasting
  • Project valuation & risk analysis
  • IT, R&D, and new product development portfolio analysis & management
  • Advanced quantitative modeling & simulation
  • Capability development & training

Incite!'s scalable and flexible approach can be tailored to a wide diversity of problems and opportunities so that clients can understand and manage the combined effects of uncertainty, risk, and creative decision alternatives on their organizational objectives.

We are also a recognized expert solution developer and trainer with the Analytica modeling software system. 2016 marked our twentieth anniversary of developing Analytica-based analyses and decision support systems.

About Robert D. Brown III

Robert Brown, President of Incite!, is an experienced decision strategist with over 20 years of professional experience. He provides advanced decision guidance, risk management, and business analytics to help executive decision makers gain deep insights into complex and risky capital investment opportunities, system behavior, and planning exercises. Robert is a 1992 graduate from the school of Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

What our clients say about us

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