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Incite! Affiliates

Incite! partners with key affiliates to bring you the best services and tools possible to derive and implement valuable solutions for you. Click on our affiliates' links to visit their website.

Finance Technology Leverage

FTL provides capital to companies engaged in the most profound and significant technological advances in the world. To reach their goals requires risk, guts, and capital—often a great deal more capital than is traditionally available from venture capitalists. Our financing solutions enable cutting-edge products to come to market at a fraction of the cost and dilution of traditional alternatives.

BlueLeap Consulting

BlueLeap Consulting, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and Qingdao, China leverages years of global software experience to deliver application development services that are low cost, high quality and completely visible to our clients. In partnership with an on-site, US based team we can design and implement innovative solutions across media and entertainment (mobile applications), manufacturing, education, high tech, energy and financial services.


Equilibria helps small businesses take control of operations by helping them define and optimize the processes and systems that developed in an ad hoc manner during their early growth phase.

Knowledge Capital Associates, LLC

Knowledge Capital Associates specializes in three complimentary lines of business: Applied Research and Analysis, Knowledge Application Development and Management Services. These areas of expertise uniquely position KCA in today's government, commercial and not-for-profit marketplace.


Analytica software, by Lumina, brings a new level of clarity for decision making. It offers the transparency of visual influence diagrams, and the flexibility of Intelligent Arraystm for handling multidimensional models. It supports risk and uncertainty analysis with fast Monte Carlo simulation. It lets you scale up models to handle problems that are too cumbersome or intractable in spreadsheets.

Analytica's influence diagram environment, support for scalable multidimensional analysis through Intelligent Arraystm, and native Monte Carlo engine allow us to capture the logic and behavior of client problems quickly and present them in a way that facilitates productive and decisive dialog. By combining these uniquely adaptable and flexible features with our structured approach to decision-making, we help our clients gain deeper insights into opportunities and make better decisions faster.

Probabilistic Publishing

Probabilistic Publishing publishes books dedicated to the understanding and practice of decision analysis.

Walker Daniels

Walker Daniels builds better sales pipelines through process driven CRM for government contractors. They are a globally networked organization operated by a core team of project leads who activate the right experts, consultants, and contractors for each project.


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