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Our Blog: Thales' Press

We invite you to visit our blog at Thales Press. While our blog is devoted to musings about thinking and deciding, Thales* Press is not your typically staid business blog. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we express a serious commitment to a curiosity about how people think and decide at all levels of their lives, often with a dose of wry and quirky humor.

Thales Press - provocative opinions, fascinating links, insightful book reviews, and a little bit more.

Where did we get the title for Thales Press? You will have to go here to find out.

Also, we occasionally provide guest posts for our affiliate, Lumina Decision Systems.

↑ Who knows if this really is the bust of Thales. There are no remaining photographs of him with which to compare it. However, as marble busts of pensive Greek men go, this will certainly pass for an ancient philosopher that we can imagine might have looked like Thales.

*Pronounced "THEH-leez"

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