Operational Support Tools

Operational Support Tools and Data Analytics

Custom built tools to help you manage risk in ongoing operational decisions and discover insights in your data.

Incite! develops decision support systems with Analytica and the R/Shiny programming language to help you track and monitor operations, find important insights in your data, forecast project timing and budget outcomes, provide engineering sales support, make informed capital allocation decisions, and much more.

As with our Incite!Sales Portfolio Analysis App, we can develop these systems to operate on a stand alone basis or make them accessible through your enterprise network systems for diverse users and locations.

Some of the decision support tools and systems that we have developed for our clients include...

  1. Selection of appropriate structure for worldwide ERP trade management & integration system
  2. R&D project portfolio systems for petroleum and pharmaceuticals companies
  3. New product development project selection system for Japanese consumer and industrial electronics company
  4. Economic value assessment system of large-scale communication networks (IP, hybrid fiber coax, multipoint-multidistribution, and satellite)
  5. Optimization system of utility fee structure to support operation of Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility
  6. Optimization system for liquid natural gas market trains
  7. Selection system for capital assets for electric utilities
  8. Optimization system of LNG cargo fleets in the Atlantic and Pacific basins
  9. Petroleum & natural gas production forecast systems
  10. Capital cost estimating model for offshore petroleum development
  11. Operations expense and production ramp-up forecasting system for Gulf of Mexico and foreign offshore petroleum development
  12. Value-based pricing model for commercial bag-house filter product company
  13. Numerous web-based decision support tools

To learn more about the kinds of decision support and data analytics tools we can develop for you, please,

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