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Fractional Decision Quality & Risk Management

Just as in product development, the cost of reworking decision mistakes increases rapidly with each phase. You can reduce the cost of these mistakes, in both time and dollars, by adopting the principles of decision quality.

Incite offers a unique opportunity for your organization to develop and fully integrate the mindset, processes, and systems that advance the creative problem solving, decision quality, and risk management capabilities of your organization. We accomplish this with you over a predefined period of time as a fractional resource for decision quality and risk management.

Over this period of time we will develop and implement a road map with you to…

  1. Conduct decision quality audits to establish a benchmark and then track progress over time
  2. Develop and implement a training schedule that transfers a process framework, the skills, and common language to your staff so they can make valuable decisions in a consistent and powerfully flexible manner
  3. Develop and maintain a customized Portfolio Management System
  4. Provide coaching, decision quality review, and quantitative analysis support for opportunity and project evaluations

With this program you receive more than occasional decision support. In essence, we partner with you to teach you how to do what we do. As the proverb goes, we teach you how to fish.

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