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Incite! provides executives with the analytic tools to prove the value of their decisions.

Selection and planning problems pose significant difficulties for decision makers. While it may be easy to identify the direct material and labor costs associated with programs, quantifying the (often intangible) benefits, competitive advantages, and opportunity costs presents a difficult problem.

Managers forced to justify programs and projects on the basis of avoided costs and direct costs often find that traditional ROI calculations fail to provide the financial justification to move forward. If managers do move forward on the basis of intuition and traditional planning methods, they may possess limited understanding of the risk factors that can cause budget, schedule, and requirements failures.

These situations result in many valuable initiatives being adopted that should be abandoned (or vice versa), never ending cycles of analysis and rework, and lingering doubts about the value of newly proposed or ongoing efforts.


Our services are designed especially for executives in large to mid-sized companies facing tough decision problems who want to gain greater clarity in the moment of decision. We stand behind you to "count the cards," to help you understand the odds you face at the business table.

We invite you to read a few brief case studies to learn how others benefited from our support.

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