Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Training and coaching to help you make better decisions to manage strategic project risk.

Incite! provides training to help your resources improve their analytical and decision-making capabilities by adopting decision quality best practices. Currently we offer the following training seminars:

  1. How to be a Business Analytics Jedi
  2. Quantitative Modeling & Simulation with Analytica™
  3. Lunch & Learn

How to be a Business Analytics Jedi

The true weapon of the Jedi is not the light sabre (tools). It's learning to use the Force (clear thinking) effectively.

When decision quality is implemented as a standard practice within an organization, the framework dramatically improves the organizations's ability to...

  1. Identify valuable projects to pursue, problems to solve, or opportunities to address;
  2. Produce decision strategies to implement the most valuable pathway forward;
  3. Minimize the risk of execution of selected projects.

To help you and your colleagues achieve breakthrough competency in decision analytics and risk management, Incite! offers a two-and-a-half-day seminar for understanding and implementing decision quality.

"Rob's...seminar on decision-making was extremely informative, and I gained a much greater understanding of the tools available for probabilistic analysis. In my role as an operations manager, I frequently have to analyze a variety of alternatives to solve problems or support new products. These methods for weighing alternatives and assigning them quantitative values gives me the tools to make not just a good choice, but the best possible choice. Rob is also an excellent teacher who keeps the audience interested and on target."
Richard Light, Manager of Business Continuity Services, Multinational electronics and data services provider

Download a brochure here to see the course syllabus. To learn more about availability and pricing, please...

Quantitative Modeling & Simulation with Analytica™

But having a light sabre doesn't hurt. Analytica is the light sabre of the business analytics jedi.

Spreadsheets represent lurking time bombs to your organization. They permit error propagation that is too easily overlooked because of the cell-referencing and copy/paste means of extending logic, and legacy models are frequently co-opted for inconsistent uses. Logic rationale is also difficult to document and audit because of the opaque nature of cell-referencing. Do you really know what is in your spreadsheets and why?

"The ultimate benefit for modelers...is that their efficiency in converting conceptual analysis into insights is greatly increased."

There is a better way. Analytica software, by Lumina, brings a new level of clarity for decision making. It offers the transparency of visual logic diagrams, and the flexibility of Intelligent Arrays™ for handling multidimensional models. It supports risk and uncertainty analysis with fast Monte Carlo simulation. While it lets you scale up models to handle problems that are too cumbersome or intractable in spreadsheets, it makes even simple models more transparent.

Introduction to Analytica, by Lumina. Analytica provides transparency, flexibility, scalability, and uncertainty simulation for decision and risk analysis.

Be sure to check out our extended review of Analytica in "OR/MS Today"


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Learn While You Lunch

Grab a sandwich, your notebook, and pull up to the table with your colleagues to learn something valuable today.

Incite! is pleased to offer free (travel costs may apply) lunch & learn seminars, including...

  1. "Business Case Analysis with R" - The statistical programming language R has become one of the most widely used tools for reproducible quantitative analysis, and analysts fluent in this language are in high demand. In this presentation, we discuss the rationale for using R for business case simulation (as discussed in our book by the same title), provide guidance on how to set up the analysis for the most effective use, and how to interpret results so that business decisions can be made quickly and in the most informationally efficient manner possible.
  2. "Introduction to IT Project Portfolio Management" - Enterprise portfolio management is best conducted as a structured decision management process that creates alignment of understanding among managers about the purpose and goals of initiatives to support the business, explicitly considers the effects of uncertainty on the outcome of those desired goals, and provides a means to monitor the performance of the portfolio. We introduce the means to make these management decisions effectively.
  3. "Overcoming Barriers to Effective Decision-making" - We explore the reasons decision making in a commercial environment frequently fail to satisfy the needs and expectations of stakeholders and exposes decision makers to errors in judgment, unnecessary rework, cost, and lost opportunity. We then provide guidance to understand the process of an effective decision & risk management process and some of its related tools. This seminar usually requires 1.5-2 hours.
  4. "Quantifying - Not Assuming: Making Sense of Intangibles, Uncertainties and Risks" - Many important technical and IT project initiatives are not adopted or fail in their realization because their most significant benefits and risks are viewed as intangible and difficult/impossible to quantify. As a result, managers rely on a combination of qualitative risk scoring, avoided costs, and technical arguments to select projects, leaving the organization exposed to lingering doubts about unresolved issues until it's too late or to unrealized potential value that remains left on the table. We present a method to measure intangible benefits and risks and manage them more effectively.

Our lunch & learn sessions are a great, informal opportunity to be introduced to and discuss the principles of decision quality and risk analysis.

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