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Incite was interviewed by Dustin Mattison of the Supply Chain Expert Community on "Applying Decision Analysis and Analytics to Supply Chain Management".
(Mar 6, 2014)

Incite announces it's participation as a partner to provide professional services with Knowledge Capital Associates as a prime vendor for the Navy SeaPort-e contract. Read more here.
Springfield, VA (November 19, 2013)

Executives No Longer Need to Guess at the Value and Risk of Their Important Mobile, Social, and Big Data Initiatives!: Today, BlueLeap Consulting and Incite! Decision Technologies announce the formation of their joint venture aimed at helping innovation leaders minimize the risks associated with the identification, planning, and development of important corporate technology initiatives.
Press Release - Atlanta (April 26, 2012)

You need effective sales initiatives now more than ever. Optimize your sales efforts & personnel. "Organic growth is the only option for many businesses right now with debt financing more difficult to obtain. This is particularly important for the small to mid-sized business. Our experts talk about how to identify if you aren't optimizing your sales efforts & personnel and how to turn that around."
This was the third of a three part interview conducted by Dawn Ely of Corporate Conversations on Atlanta Business Radio (October 25, 2010). My interview was preceded by excellent discussions provided by Bruce Kopkin, Vice President Sales OmniVue Business Solutions, and Kent Gregoire, Founder & CEO Responsibility Centered Leadership. The entire set of interviews can be heard here.

IP2Biz Enhances Process for Comparing Technology Investments: IP2Biz LLC today announced a new valuation system that quantifies the value of breakthrough technologies. The process works as both a portfolio management tool and a way to help clients understand the potential value of their investment in game-changing technologies.
Press Release - Atlanta (March 31, 2009)

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