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Articles and Presentations

» Software Review: Analytica 4.1: Robert Brown examines the Analytica modeling environment and takes a few irreverent pokes at spreadsheets.
OR/MS Today, 2008
by Robert D. Brown III

» "Small Business Decision Analysis: A View from the Trenches": Small companies create the majority of the jobs and economic activity in the world, but they fail at an astonishing rate. The aggregate opportunity to provide support is huge. However, small business owners have a low tolerance for cumbersome consulting processes they think will take their people's time and attention away from real work."
A guest article for "Decision Analysis Today", the newsletter of the INFORMS Decision Analysis Society, Volume 29, No. 1, April 2010, pg. 16.
by Robert D. Brown III and Gerald A. Bush

» Tighten up the Ship or Build an Airplane? - How to decide?: Businesses spend a lot of time pursuing operational excellence. A variety of industrial engineering methods exist today to solve problems and redesign key processes and systems to accomplish this goal. But is operational excellence enough to remain competitive?
by Robert D. Brown III and Gerald A. Bush

» The Valuable Paradox of Uncertainty: Traditional business analysis exposes us to unanticipated risk. You need to incorporate uncertainty in business analysis to manage risk in important business decisions.
by Robert D. Brown III

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