What Our Clients Say About Us

"Rob is truly an expert in modeling complex environments in order to help people make better decisions. He is a great listener, technical expert, and superb trainer/instructor/mentor."
Eric Geissler, President-CEO
Knowledge Capital Associates, LLC

"I'm hooked. Risk and Decision Analysis is a permanent part of my life from now on. I left [our meeting] just imagining how I could strengthen our operational and strategic planning with Incite and Analytica."
Faruq Hunter, President of Global Operations

"Having worked with Rob Brown of Incite Decision Technologies on multiple occasions for at least six years, I can authoritatively say that he is a brilliant advisor who can think linearly or laterally as the situation requires. Through his experience working with major corporations and consultancies, Rob has perfected a systematic, strategic and proven method for guiding executives from darkness to light on key decisions when uncertainty seems great and the money at stake, greater still. Among the initiatives Rob helped Creative Growth Group address was our approach to using technology as a tool to scale our business. Through process, patience and persistent, genuine support, Rob helped our firm choose a path that best fit our circumstances."
Andrew Dietz, Founder and Managing Partner
Creative Growth Group

"Robert is one of those rare intellectuals with a 'beautiful mind.' I continue to be amazed at his ability to develop a model that provides professionals with the core information needed to make decisions that are based on logic, facts, and intuition. Further, Robert's amiable demeanor affords him breadth making it possible for him to communicate to people at all levels of the corporate food chain. Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 100 company or a solo-entrepreneur, you can go to bed at night with ease knowing that Robert has provided you with a novel approach to making a decision that is creative and sound."
Alicia Butler-Pierre, Founder and CEO

"Rob Brown led a two-day training on Monte Carlo simulation using Analytica for a group of scientists (most with Ph.D. degrees) at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. In the beginning, the class participants were skeptical about the software, but by the end of the class, they had become enthusiastic fans not only of the software but also of Rob's teaching. He continued to work with UNC's scientists in a technical advisory role and provided value for our research project far beyond the cost of his consultancy. We could not have been able to complete our project without his guidance."
Dr. Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson, Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, School of Public Health
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"Rob's one-day seminar on decision-making was extremely informative, and I gained a much greater understanding of the tools available for probabilistic analysis. In my role as an operations manager, I frequently have to analyze a variety of alternatives to solve problems or support new products. These methods for weighing alternatives and assigning them quantitative values gives me the tools to make not just a good choice, but the best possible choice. Rob is also an excellent teacher who keeps the audience interested and on target."
Richard Light, Manager of Business Continuity Services
Multinational electronics and data services provider

"Rob Brown started work on our project by providing a training class in Analytica. His role grew quickly when we realized his ability to innovate and devise solutions to modeling our development needs would add tremendously to our productivity in developing a model of the life cycle cost for a very long term and complex program. That progressed to the role of implementing our development effort. He has worked as a contributing team member from the beginning and his ability to accomplish complex development tasks very quickly (our first cut at a functioning complex life cycle model was completed in one week) has meant that he is the preferred developer of our model. We might have been able to accomplish these things in time but his ability to quickly understand the needs and translate them into an Analytica model have added immensely to our productivity and allowed us to focus on the systems and analysis issues associated with our effort. I cannot stress enough how important is has been that Rob develops creative and very productive solutions to problems and is a real asset to the team in every sense of the word. Rob is also very knowledgeable in statistics and decision analysis and has added tremendously to our ideas in these areas. Rob has been, and continues to be, a critical component to our efforts."
Jim Nail, Project Leader

"I've always been impressed with Rob's work. He's extremely capable when it comes to decision analysis. Rob is an outstanding programmer as well. His attention to detail, hard work, and willingness to put in the time it takes to get the job done right is truly appreciated. This type of effort keeps me coming back."
Paul Hansen, Team Leader
Subsea Integration Team
Supermajor petroleum company

"Rob Brown quickly grasped the technical details of a model-building challenge related to an ecological policy analysis and developed successful, forward-looking solutions. He communicated clearly how and why his approach worked."
Richard M. Anderson, Assistant Professor
Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences
Duke University