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"The Hidden Risks Lurking in Important Management Decisions".
Every business decision involves making tradeoffs and adopting a certain degree of risk. Unfortunately, many organizations' decision making practices expose them to additional risks, such as lost opportunity, unnecessary costs, and underutilized human capability. Much of the reason for this is based on a poor understanding of what makes for good decision management and the important elements that should go into that management process. We discuss three practical tools you can use immediately to help you insure that your organization is making the best decisions possible.

"Introduction to IT Project Portfolio Management"
Enterprise portfolio management is best conducted as a structured decision management process that creates alignment of understanding among managers about the purpose and goals of initiatives to support the business, explicitly considers the effects of uncertainty on the outcome of those desired goals, and provides a means to monitor the performance of the portfolio. We introduce the means to make these management decisions effectively.

"Overcoming Barriers to Effective Decision-making"
We explore the reasons decision making in a commercial environment frequently fail to satisfy the needs and expectations of stakeholders and exposes decision makers to errors in judgment, unnecessary rework, cost, and lost opportunity. We then provide guidance to understand the process of an effective decision & risk management process and some of its related tools. This seminar usually requires 1.5-2 hours.

"Quantifying - Not Assuming: Making Sense of Intangibles, Uncertainties and Risks"
Many important technical and IT project initiatives are not adopted or fail in their realization because their most significant benefits and risks are viewed as intangible and difficult/impossible to quantify. As a result, managers rely on a combination of qualitative risk scoring, avoided costs, and technical arguments to select projects, leaving the organization exposed to lingering doubts about unresolved issues until it's too late or to unrealized potential value that remains left on the table. We present a method to measure intangible benefits and risks and manage them more effectively.

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